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Over a long weekend in early October, legal enthusiasts from around the country converged on Yale Law School for The Constitution in 2020 Conference. Hosted by the Yale Law chapter of the American Constitution Society, the 2020 Conference brought together top legal scholars, practitioners, and activists with several hundred audience members for in-depth discussions about the future of American constitutional law -- and American law, policy, and politics more broadly. For those who didn’t have the chance to attend, we present full streaming videos – now you can watch everything, from the opening address to closing remarks, with handy summaries and commentaries from members of the 2020 blogging team. (For links to the posts submitted by the professors in advance of the conference, click here.)

Conference Welcome

    Featuring: Dean Robert Post (Yale Law School)

America and the World
    Featuring: Bruce Ackerman (Yale Law School), Muneer Ahmad (Yale Law School), Oona Hathaway (Yale Law School), Aziz Huq (University of Chicago Law School), Jenny Martinez (Stanford Law School), and Jon Michaels (University of California Law School-Los Angeles)

Roundtable:  About the Constitution in 2020
    Featuring: Bruce Ackerman (Yale Law School), Jack Balkin (Yale Law School), Robert Post (Yale Law School), Neil Siegel (Duke Law School), and Reva Siegel (Yale Law School)

Social Rights
    Featuring: Risa Goluboff (Virginia Law School), Jacob Hacker (Yale University), Ben Sachs (Harvard Law School), and Vicki Schultz (Yale Law School)

Constitutional Theory

    Featuring: Jamal Greene (Columbia Law School), Paul Kahn (Yale Law School), David Law (Washington University School of Law), Sophia Lee (University of Pennsylvania Law   School), and Richard Primus (University of Michigan Law School)

Individual Rights
    Featuring: Elizabeth Emens (Columbia Law School), Rich Garnett (Notre Dame Law School), Paul Horwitz (University of Alabama School of Law), Dan Kahan (Yale Law School), and Alice Ristroph (Seton Hall University School of Law)

Localism and Democracy

    Featuring: Heather Gerken (Yale Law School), Ethan Leib (University of California Hastings School of Law), Judith Resnik (Yale Law School), Rich Schragger (University of Virginia School of Law), Ilya Somin (George Mason University School of Law), and Ernie Young (Duke Law School)

Roundtable: Mobilization

    Featuring: Addisu Demissie (Organizing for America), William Eskridge (Yale Law School), Marshall Ganz (Kennedy School of Government, Harvard), Judy Scott (SEIU), and Michael Wishnie (Yale Law School)

Roundtable: The Constitution in 2020: Getting There from Here

    Featuring: Debo Adegbile (NAACP), Marvin Ammori (Free Press/ University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law), Nan Aron (Alliance for Justice Pam Karlan, Stanford Law School), Robert Gordon (Yale Law School), and Tom Saenz (MALDEF)

 *Special thanks to the Brian Pauze and the Yale Law Audio-Visual Staff for taping, editing, and technical support.